First track is from 1969 that you all may recognize from the Dockers commercials playing all throughout the NBA playoffs.  It’s the classic California Soul by Marlena Shaw. It’s also been sampled by tons of hip hop producers including DJ Premier for 1992’s Step In The Arena by Gangstarr (track 7, Check the Technique).

Marlena Shaw – California Soul


Second is a new track from Ratatat called Mirando.  I’ve heard Ratatat is an unbelievable act to see live.  I’ve got some really impressive remixes of hip hop tracks like Dead Wrong that some of you may have heard in my car.  New album is called LP3 and its coming out in early July.

Ratatat – Mirando


This is a track from Lighting Head.  It’s kind of like Fela Kuti meets Adrian Quesdada & Ocote Soul Sounds.  Awesome track…

Lighting Head – Ilu Baje


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This post was written by Spencer
Date posted: June 14, 2008

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