What the hell is Joaquin Phoenix doing?  Seriously.  Somebody close to him needs to be a good friend and tell him he’s crazy.  You might think I’m being a little harsh, but seriously, is this guy really quitting the acting business to do this:

In my opinion, Phoenix is a pretty great actor.  So now I am supposed to believe this is serious?  He’s really giving up acting to try to become a rapper?  And Puff Daddy wants to produce the upcoming album?  ¿Que?  ¿Como?  Read this.  Not only that, he’s also taking his good friend Casey Affleck along for the ride (here’s an hint of how that’s going).  Affleck’s filming a documentary about the journey.  If Affleck was really a good friend he would call the documentary, “My Friend is Out of His Mind” and he would use the film to show Joaquin what a huge mistake he’s making.  People have to be worried about Phoenix.  Look at the end of the video when he falls off the stage.  It’s scary.  He’s probably just drunk or on something but it’s still pretty ridiculous.

But he needs to leave the hip hop world alone!  He was great as Johnny Cash.  He should sing some country songs or some rock songs or something.  Anything!  Just not hip hop.  His rapping is just terrible here.  I feel embarrassed for him.  But how does he quit acting to do something he’s no good at?  I bet everyone he knew was always like, “Hey, you are a really great actor.”   But no one can say to him, “dude, you are an awful rapper”, really?  His friends don’t think so?  He doesn’t think so?  Puffy doesn’t think so?

Hopefully, this is all just a big prank.  You got us good Joaquin.  You got us really good.   You like Andy Kaufman way too much Joaquin.  But good one.


Richard Cheese, “Insane in the Brain”    (Click here if the link isn’t working)

Dr. Octagon – “Wild and Crazy”

Radiohead – I Am Citizen Insane    (Click here if the link isn’t working)

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Date posted: January 21, 2009

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