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Oh Land, a 23 year Danish beauty from Copenhagen, Denmark is a progressive /industrial/soul artist who is peculiar to say the least.  You would think that she would have had some sort of musical training or would have been punching away on her Mac for years before being able to make one piece of music, let alone an entire album.  Well that’s not the case for Nanna Øland Fabricius who started programming and writing music while she put together her first album.  A shock because it’s flippin’ bad ass! Goes to show you that some people just have a creative raw talent.  I’m not saying this music is revolutionary but it’s worth keeping in your CD collection because it’s an album that takes you through a sonic journey that has a cinematic element and a industrial elctro rawness that is addicting. Now you’re next question after you listen to the tracks below maybe – where do I get this CD? You don’t, at least not in the US.  I couldn’t even find it on Amazon as an import. I wouldn’t log onto iTunes either unless you can somehow use your nerd powers to buy from the Danish itunes.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have an update when the album hits US soil. 


Now I will admit at first listen I wasn’t convinced but by the second I was writing an entry about her. This artist is not one you can pop in and push play, but rather you have to be in the mood for her music. I will advise that you play it loud to hear all the little noises that make the tracks so unique. So if she didn’t program/write music prior to this album – what did she do?  She was a ballerina and with those looks it’s not a surprise.  Studying in Sweden and having to call her career as a tip-toe princess quits after being subject to a back injury.  Nanna put thought and creativity to a new outlet and gave birth to Oh Land. Collaborating with some of the best Danish DJ’s and producers in the electro scene she was on her way from the get-go.  I hope you guys enjoy the tracks below and post your thoughts on the sinthe!!!
Oh Land – Numb 

Oh Land – Heavy Eyes

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Date posted: April 8, 2009

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