General Elektriks (Herve Salters) released his debut album Cliquety Kliqk through Quannum Records back in 2005. Now GE’s got a new album Good City For Dreamers (Feb 2009).  I loved Cliquety Kliqk and I have a feeling I’m going to love the new album as well.  I’ve heard most of the tracks on it and, so far, my favorites are “Coming Up For Air” (which features Lateef) and “You Don’t Listen”.  I don’t know why I haven’t bought the new album yet but I’m about to fix that today…
Here’s what has to say about General Elektriks:
“By the time he was 14 year old, the Parisian Hervé Salters, also known as RV, and the man behind the electro-jazzy General Elektriks, was playing keyboards and synthesizers with local bands around London and Paris. Six years later, he had discovered the Clavinet, Wurlizter, Hammond B-3, and Fender Rhodes, the latter of which is highlighted on General Elektriks’ debut album, Cliquety Kliqk. Salters’ expertise with “vintage sound” led him to recording gigs on Femi Kuti’s 1999 album Shoki Shoki…”
MP3: General Elektriks – You Don’t Listen (Hype Machine/ Raid The Radio / Take Back The Instant


Oren showed me a track (that I think the J.O.E. showed him) by electronic dance crew, The Whip, out of Manchester, UK.  Their new album, X Marks Destination, was released in March 2009 and is available on iTunes.  The songs are pretty awesome.  Check out “Trash” and “Blackout”,  the two most popular tracks from the album…
Mp3: The Whip - Trash / Blackout


Easy Star All-Stars have released some awesome cover songs in the past.  Actually, they’ve released full length cover albums- Dub Side of the Moon, an album of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cover songs, and Radiodread, an album of Radiohead cover songs.  In two days, they will be releasing their newest cover album, Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band, an album of Beatles cover songs.  You can sample some of these and their other songs below and on their myspace…


I’ll be honest…  I don’t know much at all about Vetiver, but I heard the tracks below on KCRW recently and I thought the songs were really good.  Their sound is kind of light and playful indie rock, with a hint of folk music perhaps…?
Mp3: Vetiver – Everyday / More Of This


A Camp is the new project from Cardigan’s singer Nina Persson.  “Here Are Many Wild Animals” is another track that I heard on KCRW and I kind of liked it.  Her voice is really strong and the music is a little weird but reminds me of some late 80s rock.  Maybe I’m way off but I think there’s definitely something interesting going on here…
A Camp – Here Are Many Wild Animals


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