I wanted to post these tracks about a week ago but I didn’t write this all out until today.  My bad for lagging!
About 2 weeks ago, KCRW (89.9 fm) started spinning the attached Don Diablo remix of the One eskimO track “Givin’ Up”. The song has quickly become one of the most popular tracks on the internet/blogosphere. This remix reminds me of some 90′s dance music tracks but it’s much cooler than C&C Music Factory and it’s definitely a lot darker.  One eskimO’s lead singer Kristian Leontiou has an incredible voice that really makes each beautiful, melodic song something you want to hear over and over again (the remix is much more hardcore than the rest of One eskimO’s music).  You can find “Givin’ Up (Don Diablo remix)” on the band’s myspace page along with their single, “Kandi”.
MP3: One eskimO - Givin’ Up (Don Diablo Remix)
MP3: One eskimO – Kandi


Tosca‘s new album No Hassle was just released about 2 weeks ago.  The album is 27 tracks long and it’s $9.99 on iTunes.  I’m used to paying 10 bucks for about 10 tracks so it’s really a great deal in my opinion (let alone the fact that the album has some really fantastic, classic Tosca style lounge music) .  When is comes to lounge, chill out style beats, Tosca is king.  Comprised of Richard Dorfmeister (of one of my personal favorites, Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Rupert Huber, Tosca has been perfecting their craft since 1997′s Opera.  I first heard about them from J Ross, who highly recommended the album Suzuki (2000).  No Hassle is an awesome album, check out some of the tracks below and in this previous post
MP3 Link: Tosca – Springer
Hype Machine: Tosca – Joe Si Ha


J-Live released a new compilation about two weeks ago. The Early Works of J-Live features 40 tracks (most of which can be found on The Best Part (2001) and All of the Above (2002)) that you may not know about if you’ve only discovered J-Live recently.  It’s kind of strange that he’s releasing a “best of” compilation like this though.  He hasn’t really been around that long.  Granted, The Best Part was his first release and it was mainly comprised of individual parts he had been working on over nearly a decade but J-Live’s official debut album, All of the Above came out just 7 years ago.  Regardless, J-Live is a great hip hop emcee and, lyrically, maybe even one of the best and the songs on this new release are some of his best tracks.  Here are 2 of my favorites…
MP3: J-Live – The Best Part


Gza is featured on a brand new track from the Black Lips.  Lead singer Cole Alexander sounds a little like what you might imagine Bob Dylan would sound like if he was rapping and, to be honest, I didn’t like it at first but it’s kind of grown on me.  Gza’s verse is good but the beat drops out when he starts going and at the end of his verse it doesn’t feel very satisfying.  The change in pace and consistency kind of takes away from the overall feeling of the song.  I still think it’s a really cool track though.
MP3:Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (featuring Gza)


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