The Black Crowes posted a brand new track for free download on their website,  The song, “I Ain’t Hiding” is off the upcoming album, Before The Frost, due September 2009.

MP3: The Black Crowes – “I Ain’t Hiding”


Little Dragon‘s upcoming sophomore album, Berlinmaster, is due in August 2009.  I’ve always thought there was something distinctive and impressively original about LIttle Dragon and the singles off the new album (linked below) are testament to their unique sound.  On a side note, according to, “Fortune” and “Blinking Pigs”, the singles off the upcoming album, were released this year, contradictory to iTunes which has the release date as January of 2008.  Not sure what’s going on there…

MP3: Little Dragon – “Fortune”
MP3: Little Dragon – “Blinking Pigs”


“Tell Me It’s Not Over” by Starsailor is a song I’ve been hearing on KCRW a good amount. The song is kind of soft and a little cheesy but it’s an emotional and well executed, pop rock song. At first, I was kind of embarassed that I liked the song but I got over that pretty quickly.

MP3: Starsailor – “Tell Me It’s Not Over”


After realizing that the original One eskimO track “Given Up” is not called “Givin’ Up” I was finally able to find the song I wanted for so long.  Everytime I searched for the song I would get the Don Diablo remix which I posted a couple of months ago.  It was spelled “Givin’ Up” for the Don Diablo Remix so I had some trouble…  Found it now though and here it is, One eskimO’s “Given Up”

One eskimO – Given Up


Beck is a busy man.  Aside from the Record Club project I discussed last week, Beck recently announced another project called “Planned Obsolescence.”  According to, Planned Obsolescence is a weekly DJ set of “mixes of what we’re listening to, put together by myself or guest DJs.”  The first mix he’s posted is 40 minutes long and guess what- Beck is using which I love and have posted about a couple of times.  I’m happy to see someone like Beck taking advantage of what has to offer.  I posted the first mix for the Planned Obsolescence project below.  And below that are the 2nd and 3rd songs in the Record Club series.

Planned Obsolescence:

Beck – “Autobahn Hologram”

Record Club:

Beck – “Femme Fatal” (Velvet Underground & Nico)

Beck – “Waiting for My Man” (Velvet Underground & Nico)

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