A little over a week ago, I heard a great, new Thom Yorke track on the radio.  The song Yorke’s version of Miracle Legion’s “All For The Best” that he recorded and contributed to the album Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy.  The album is a tribute to Mark Mulcahy who lost his wife 1 year prior to the album’s release date, September 2009.  Check out the original if you haven’t heard it.  It’s a great track and Thom Yorke did an impressively distinctive cover of it.

MP3: Thom Yorke – “All For The Best”
Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy (due September 2009)

MP3: Miracle Legion – “All For The Best”
Surprise Surprise Surprise (1987)

jason and Thom-

Jeremy Sole is one of my favorite DJ’s on KCRW.  He also DJs every Thursday night at Zanzibar in Santa Monica for an event called “Afro Funke” which features an ecclectic mix of music from all over the world.  When I originally checked out SoundCloud.com, I noticed Jeremy Sole had an account.  He had uploaded a remix of a Femi Kuti song and it was awesome.  Recently, he posted this awesome remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Anger.”



Portugal. The Man released their new album, The Satanic Satanist, on July 21st.  The blues-style indie rock sound is undeniably attractive and it isn’t just limited to 1 or 2 tracks.  The album is great all the way through.  These are some of my favorites…

MP3: Portugal. The Man – “Guns and Dogs”
MP3: Portugal. The Man – “People Say”
The Satanic Satanist (July 2009)



Rakim hasn’t released an album since The Master in 1999.  There was supposed to be one released in 2002 but Dr Dre, who was producing the album, and Rakim cited “creative differences” when they announced that they would not be releasing an album.  Pretty much since then, I haven’t even tried to keep up with the drama surrounding the album, I just want to hear it.  “Holy Are You” was released on July 28th and is the first single from the upcoming album The Seventh Seal.

MP3: Rakim – “Holy Are You”
The Seventh Seal (Fall 2009?)

urb rakim seventh seal-

Yim Yames, better known as Jim James of My Morning Jacket, posted his tribute album to George Harrison on his website, yimyames.com.  The album will be available everywhere on August 4th.  Check it out below…

MP3: Yim Yames- “My Sweet Lord”
MP3: Yim Yames – “All Things Must Pass”
Tribute to (August 2009)


It’s been a couple of weeks, maybe a month, since Muse released their newest track, “United Stated of Eurasia.”  The song has been compared to Queen, as has Muse, and especially the lead singers of both bands.  Matthew Bellamy isn’t as great as Freddie Mercury, but they are from very different times so it’s hard to compare them.  But the sound and style of “United States of Eurasia” is so similar to Queen’s rock-opera anthems that it makes it hard not to compare them.  To be honest, I don’t really care.  Muse is different enough even though this song’s resemblance to Queen’s sound is unmistakable but the song is enjoyable nonetheless.  I don’t love it, but it’s good.  For me, comparisons like that will occasionally take the fun out of listening and that’s perhaps the best reason of all to try to sound more original.

MP3: “Muse – United States of Eurasia”
The Resistance (September 2009)


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