Back in March, DJ D Sharp put together a mix tape for Lateef the Truth Speaker but it wasn’t released on any major online distributor like Amazon or CD Universe until November (it’s not available on iTunes).  Truth Is Love is a collection of songs featuring Lateef taken from albums released in the last 10-15 years but it’s comprised mostly of Lateef’s more recent tracks.  Overall, I was a little disappointed with this mix tape.  Back in the 90′s, Lateef was at the top of my list of rappers because of projects like Latyrx and the Solesides collective which turned into the Quannum.  Lateef was an incredible emcee with a distinctive delivery unmatched in style and creativity.  Unfortunately, most of his new stuff is just not that great anymore. Some of his old school fans are much more critical than I am but I can definitely understand where they’re coming from.  Except for a couple of tracks, including “Lady Don’t Tek No” hidden at the end of “That Old Pair of Jeans”, Truth Is Love doesn’t have too much to offer.

MP3: Lateef and Fatboy Slim – “That Old Pair of Jeans”

Truth Is Love (November 2009)


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Date posted: December 1, 2009

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