Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins teamed up to create Broken Bells. Danger Mouse was a big fan of The Shins and the duo first met on the Dark Night of the Soul collaboration album.  Their self-titled debut will officially be made available in March of 2010 but the album has been leaked online and it’s very impressive to say the least.  The single and first track officially released is called “The High Road” which will also be the first track off the forthcoming album.  Right off the bat, you can tell you’re listening to quality, experimental indie-pop music.  Warm, electronic sounds are set to a melodic and beautiful layering of guitars and strings over 60′s pop style drums.  The songs have cool and smooth, steady builds that result in an album that leaves you feeling like you’re on a real musical journey.  Similar to the beginning of “The High Road,” the end of “Your Head Is On Fire” sounds like it could have been a Zero 7 track.  The end of “Sailing to Nowhere” sounds like a film score and made me wonder when Danger Mouse might start scoring movies since he’s clearly capable.  The album as a whole is truly artistic and a great piece of work.  Nearly every song is capable of being someone else’s favorite track.  Check out the songs below and the official website at BrokenBells.com.

Broken Bells – “The High Road” (removed by request)

Broken Bells (March 2010)


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Date posted: January 2, 2010

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